M.S.Solutions Quality Assurance and Quality Management program is part of the Operational Excellence function. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, our Operational Excellence function reports directly to the CEO. We ensure data security measures are in place to protect Health Information and other confidential information related to your business. We follow the highest quality management standards and global best practices to generate accurate output for your business within the specified deadline.

Medical Billing Training


M.S.Solutions has a very systematic hiring approach. All of our medical billing employees have obtained a bachelor's degree and many have masters and postgraduate degrees. In addition to this level of education, we take great pride in ensuring that each new recruit goes through an extensive medical billing training program. During the training process, employees learn all facts of the billing process including the US healthcare system, what happens at the provider’s office, hospital environments, and how claims get submitted and paid. This comprehensive program prepares our staff to provide a full range of revenue cycle management services to our clients.


People Advantage

M.S.Solutions is the leading provider of healthcare business process outsourcing services in South Tamilnadu, with nearly 120+ highly qualified and trained employees. Our people have excellent knowledge in various practice management systems and processes. We value our employees by giving them equal opportunity in employment. Women employees are treated with more respect. We offer our employees a lot of opportunities to grow. Performance and Merit are the drivers we look for in our people for their growth.


We believe that peace of mind is important for our employees. The workplace environment impacts employee morale, productivity and engagement – both positively and negatively. We are committed to provide our employees with the most advanced technology available in the marketplace. Our investment in the best infrastructure between the US and our offshore operations is one of the many reasons to provide superior service to our customers. Our work environment has helped us to expand beyond boundaries. M.S.Solutions flourished with the latest in computer and telephony technology. It helps in keeping the office connected with each other and with the clients, the insurance companies, etc. at high speeds of data and clear communication. M.S.Solutions has its own medical billing process management software and the knowledge of various software available in the market.

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M.S.Solutions is a leader in medical billing outsourcing. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. and India operations in Thoothukudi Tamilnadu, India.


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